Why Sealy?

To experience the best night’s sleep, Sealy Posturepedic® has developed an innovative sleep system to respond to variety of personal preferences. Your body needs a restful sleep during the night to wake up with freshness and full energy in the next morning in order to prepare yourself to conduct your daily life. This is our commitment and we dedicate our research and development to the purpose of sleep innovation for restful rejuvenation.
The Supportive

Sealy has placed the importance on the research and development of ‘Science of sleep’ for developing and the sleep system that can arrange the body shapes into correct alignment. This research is to discover the new technology of pursuing the ultimate relaxation and the optimum level of comfort.

At which the experimental research has brought a great discovery of Posturepedic technology which has been implemented into all of Sealy mattresses featuring the ability of orthopedically body curve response and the spinal correct alignment. Sealy Posturepedic innovated the new spring technology and developing continuously for better sleep solutions. The specially patented technology is registered globally and certified by the international standards of quality management in order to deliver the premium quality of mattresses to our customers.


Beyond the perseverance of technology development, Sealy plays an important role of selecting the fine quality of raw materials and meticulously produce to serve the purpose of producing outstanding beds. Supportive layers in conjunction with the innerspring system, the material resilience and weight distribution for relieving the muscle tension and the variety of personal comfort choices. Besides, new innovations especially catering to quality for comfort enhancement for a perfect night of sleep. Cooling insulation layers stimulate breathability to counteract body heat from hot weather and humidity.

The Valuable

Due to the fact that sleep is the best way of restoration that supports the physical health and quality of life. The investment in health products has long-term benefits. The mattress products have a period of usability and your sleeping and posture needs change with age. Finding the perfect match that can respond to the correct individual preferences is challenging and important.

Sealy mattresses are developed by sleep specialists employing the highest level of technology and developing the mattress support system. With in-depth analysis, detail-orientation of production process and quality management, our products are qualified by the up-to-date instruments and laboratory accredited to international standards. Sealy is the quality brand that you can trust for sustainable performance and long-lasting support. We suggest that you prioritize quality bedding as a long-term investment for your health.