Mattress Guide

Sealy® mission is to help the world sleep better. We commit to do it right, do it better and do it together. Accordingly, we would like to give some useful recommendations of mattress selection for your best relaxation which the concerning criteria are sleeping position, the appropriate size of mattress and mattress technology.

Find Your Perfect Mattress

There are effectively two criteria to decide if its time to buy a new mattress.

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Sleep Position

Side Sleeper

Perfect for soft mattress or mattress with on top additional padding because body curves require cushioning and soft comfort of on top extra sheet to help weight distribution and pressure relief on shoulder and hips. This is for re-arrange the correct support of body alignment parallel to the mattress with low muscle tension.

Back Sleeper

Perfect for medium firm mattress. As the lower back position needs the extensive support of weight distribution creating the balance of lower back and mattress gaps. You can test by lying on the mattress and inserting a hand between spine and mattress. If your hand is inserted easily, it means the mattress is too hard. If your hand cannot be inserted, it means the mattress is too soft. To choose the appropriate mattress, when inserting between body curve and mattress, the gap should be small.

Stomach Sleeper

Perfect for gently firm mattress especially the stomach position that absorbs weight pressure. It needs extensive support to relieve pressure points and fulfill the gap of body and mattress for correct alignment. The spine and nape will be aligned at the same level. For this sleep position, the pillow is optional.

The appropriate size of mattress

King Size

The largest standard size of mattress with the width of 72 inches and the length of 78 inches. It is very big and spacious for couples that need a lot of surrounding area or people who often have tossing and turning in order to prevent partner disturbance.

Queen Size

The most common used mattress for advertisements. With the width of 60 inches and the length of 78 inches of mattress, it is perfect size for couples in the limited spaces such as condominiums or apartments. Also, it is the most economy mattress for size comparison. If you are seeking for worthiness, queen size is one of the best choices.

Twin Size

The smallest standard size of mattress with the width of 42 inches and the length of 78 inches. It is perfect for one person convenient living. The advantage of this size is affordable price and provide more spacious. It is perfect for limited residential areas such as dormitories, apartments or kid’s bedrooms, guest rooms, etc.

Customized Size

It is easy to choose the standard mattress. However, your mattress frame may not be fitted to the standard size. You need to find the special mattress which has not common seen in department stores because of less than 20% of availability in mattress market. Furthermore, the production process of special size is complicated and not popular in mattress manufacturers. Sealy Thailand has gained the experiences and been authorized as a skillful mattress manufacturer for over 30 years. We have possessed the competence of producing special mattress perfectly match to bedstead and room spaces.

If you need further information about the special size of mattress, please contact our Product Consultants at Sealy Premier Gallery, Siam Paragon and Sealy counters in leading department stores.

Mattress Technology

Inner Spring

Spring system has been gained the popularity of mattress manufacture for more than 100 years and continues being the most widely used technology in mattress market as a result of product quality and long-lasting useful life. It is still valuable in mattress industry although spring system has long history and it seems to be out-of-date technology for modern trends. In fact, spring technology has been developed continually by the specialists similarly to Sealy® unwavering in developing the spring advancement and accredited by the international standards for its competence of testing laboratory operations providing orthopedically correct support to physical individual needs.


The perfect combination between current spring technology and the supportive layer of materials for examples, memory foam and latex. The hybrid support will conform to body contours perfectly. With the property of resilience and restoration, body contours will be embraced with mattress comfort and relieved muscle tension resulting in the decrease of tossing and turning and also blood ventilation. Integrated with weight support and perfect balance to the surface, body alignment will be arranged into orthopedically correct support and optimal comfort of supportive layers.


The superior level of sleep technology in an adjustable bed. Equipped with special functions created by distinctively modern technologies allowing you to conduct your lifestyle activities while you lay back in the comfort of your bed such as Wireless Remote Control that enabling you to modify till you find your optimal level of comfort. Snore Feature that relieves snoring automated to lift the head support by 10 degrees or Dual & Full-Body Massage and Mobile Application Controls for your ultimate relaxation.