Certification / Standard

More than three decades, Sealy Thailand has been one of leading mattress brands that aims for giving all our customers a great night’s sleep with total peace of mind that all our mattresses are manufactured to the highest safety standards in Thailand. Through constant improvement of sleep technology and product testing to ensure a superior sleep experience. Sealy maintains delivering the consistency of great quality products qualified by the international standards.
In 2010, Sealy products under the operation of Jaspal & Sons Co.,Ltd got certified. We promise consistency in providing great quality. ISO 9001:2015 certified by BVQI (Bureau Veritas International Quality Assurance) as a high standard product and manufacturing and that makes Sealy Thailand become the first certified company in the mattress and bedding industry in Thailand.
Being highly involved and continuously invested in Research and Development, Sealy established the first mattress testing laboratory in Asia in 2014. The laboratory has been accredited by ISO 17025:2005 for testing facility competence of international qualifications such as Mattress Rollator machine, Rollator Cornell Type Tester for testing the strength of mattress structure, Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester for proofing the flexibility and endurance of quilt fabric. Tested products under the trademark of Sealy® brand with the advanced technological methods and certified by the international standard. Sealy has placed an importance on this role in order to stabilize the quality of mattresses and beddings to be well acknowledged and delivering the mission of the best night’s sleep products ever to the customers.
To deliver the best night’s sleep under the safe environment, Sealy Thailand places the importance on technology that helps sustain the sanitary hygiene and prevent the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and diseases occurred from bacteria, the main cause of stains, odors and perspiration in ticking panel fabric. By integrating the technology during the manufacturing process, Microban® holds the property to restraint the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi on the fabric and the interference with the food supply chain of dust mites. Microban® keeps you are safe from silent hazard while sleeping on Sealy mattresses.
SmarTex® is the superior standard of safety protection that Sealy has used in products. The special property of dynamic treatment on quilt evaporates the temperature of heat and humidity and then gives a boost to a cooling and dry comfort while sleeping. It also inhibits and prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi, keeping you safe hroughout your sleep. This is to prolong the mattress life.